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Kellogg Court #29

Welcome to Oregon's Kellogg Court #29

Meetings: 2nd Thursday except March when it is the 4th
                  Thursday. Dark July and August 

Time: 7:30pm
Address: Milwaukie Masonic Lodge
                10636 SE Main Street
                Milwaukie, OR 97222

Lodge Phone: 503-387-3364

Elected Officers

Royal Matron: HL Wendy Bednarik
Royal Patron: SK Lou Westwick
Associate Matron: HL Teri Lynne Douglas
Associated Patron: SK Dan Douglas PGRP
Treasurer: HL Marjorie McIlhagga
Secretary: HL Carol Addison Lippert PGRM
Conductress: HL Joy Suchla, PGRM
Associate Conductress: HL Karen Rasmussen
Chairman of Trustees: HL Naomi Burke PGRM
Trustee 2 Years: SK Chuck Arnold
Trustee 3 Years: SK Rod Lippert, PGRP


Appointed Officers

Marshal in the East: HL Rhonda Chesney

Marshal in the West: HL Naomi Burke, PGRM PT

Standard Bearer: HL Minta Harding
Prelate: SK John Olson
Musician: HL Gail Martin
Truth: HL Berti Harrop

Faith: HL Carol Gamm
Wisdom: HL Mary Lou Olson
Charity: HL Marlee Frasier

Historian: HL Gail Kirk

Warder: SK Peter Harding

Sentinel: SK Chuck Arnold PT

Even though you might get your breakfast cereal at our OV in the fall, Kellogg Court was not named for the cereal brand, but for a Master Mason who was an early pioneer settler in the Oregon Territory.

Joseph Kellogg traveled to Oregon on November 24, 1847 and carried with him the masonic charter for Multnomah Lodge #1. He helped build the town of Milwaukie and owned several businesses. Kellogg Court #29 was established in 1955 and was given Joseph Kellogg's masonic sword. He passed away in 1905 at age 93.

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