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Arago Court #31

Welcome to Oregon's Arago Court #31

Meetings: 2nd Saturday except in March when they meet on the 1st Sunday. Dark July and August 

Time: 7:00pm
Address: North Bend Lodge
                2002 Union Avenue
                North Bend, OR 97459

Mail Address: Arago Court
                        PO Box 3607
                        Coos Bay, OR 97420

Elected Officers

Royal Matron: HL Laurie Armstrong
Royal Patron: SK Dennis Marsh
Associate Matron: HL Lori Beach
Associated Patron:
Treasurer: HL K Lee Horn, GRM
Secretary: HL Crystal Aadnesen
Conductress: HL Kay Tucker
Associate Conductress: HL Aisha Henderson
Chairman of Trustees: HL Jeanne Currie, DSRM
Trustee 2 Years: HL Kelly Templeton-Marsh
Trustee 3 Years: SK Alan Kelsay, PGRP


Appointed Officers

Marshal in the East: HL Kim Singh

Marshal in the West: HL Catherine Kelsay

Standard Bearer: HL Jeanne Currie, DSRM (Protem)
Prelate: SK Alan Kelsay, PGRP (Protem)
Musician: HL K Lee Horn, GRM (Protem)
Truth: HL Katie Mork

Faith: HL Cat Becker
Wisdom: HL Francine Kelsay
Charity: HL Kelly Templeton-March (Protem)


Warder: SK Johnnie Horn, GRP (Protem)


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