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Acacia Court #22

Welcome to Oregon's Acacia Court #22

Meetings: 2nd Friday, except in March when they meet
                  on the fourth Friday. Dark July and August. 

Time: 7:30pm
Address: Hillsboro Masonic Temple
                176 NE 2nd Avenue
                Hillsboro, OR 97123

Lodge Phone: 503-648-4350

Elected Officers

Royal Matron: HL Jenni DePee
Royal Patron: SK Dan Douglas PGRP
Associate Matron: HL Linda Barkley
Associated Patron: SK Stephen Barkley PT
Treasurer: HL Georgina Blair
Secretary: HL Kelly Hughes Fisher PGRM
Conductress: HL Mariah Hawkins
Associate Conductress: HL Te
rilynn Douglas
Chairman of Trustees: SK Stephen Barkley
Trustee 2 Years: HL Karen Murphy
Trustee 3 Years: HL Cindy DeRoos


Appointed Officers

Marshal in the East: HL Jan White PGRM

Marshal in the West: HL Alena Weidrich

Standard Bearer: HL Andi Magner
Prelate: SK Allan White, PGRP
Musician: HL Cindy DeRoos PT
Truth: HL Makayla Powers

Faith: HL Marie Chambers
Wisdom: HL Pam Knack
Charity: HL Celeste Arnold

Historian: HL Maryann Scott, PGRM

Warder: SK Larry White, PGRP

Sentinel: SK Albert Martinez

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