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Make an impact in diabetes research and donate today!
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The Order of the Amaranth and the American Diabetes Association® have worked together to fund numerous researchers and their cutting-edge work in the fight against diabetes. 

The Amaranth Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (ADF) is a 501c3 organization that serves as the charitable arm of the Order. Since its inception in 1979, ADF donates all monies it raises in the United States to the American Diabetes Association®, where 100% of the funds support promising diabetes research. Our International Order also funds research in their respective areas to help stop the spread of diabetes. 

The ADF recognizes that diabetes is a devastating disease that affects more than 37 million Americans and countless others around the world. Statistics show that 1.2 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year and it is for this reason that the ADF has been a strong supporter of the American Diabetes Association and its research.

For more information about our works with Diabetes, please check out our Foundation at their website Amaranth Diabetes Foundation, Inc. or the American Diabetes Association on more information on Diabetes.

Oregon Amaranth has many creative fundraisers annually to continue our efforts towards a cure including a Bowling Tournament, Car Show, Auctions and many other events. We put the FUN in Fundraising. 

Our "Unsung Heroes" from Amaranth Diabetes Foundation

More great news came from our Thursday night Masonic family celebration. Two of our dedicated members were honored as they were announced as “UNSUNG HEROES” by the Amaranth Diabetes

Foundation Board of Directors. HL Joy Suchla, PGRM, Kellogg Court #29, was the first to be recognized as an Unsung Hero for her years

of dedicated work and fundraising for Diabetes Research. HL Joy has given for years to the many auctions and fundraising activities of Grand Court. She is known for her ability to solicit just about anything for Diabetes Research. Congratulations HL Joy! 


The second honoree was HL Wendy Bednarik, PRM Christina #8, and Royal Matron of Kellogg Court #29. HL Wendy was also honored for her many fundraising activities. Last year she spear-headed the “Route 66 Race for the Cure,” which she hosted at her vineyards. Thank you, HL Wendy and CONGRATULATIONS!

Bill & HL Joy Suchla, HL Charlene Tucker, &
HL Wendy Bednarik. HL Joy and HL Wendy were awarded the ADF Unsung Hero Award at Grand Court, Amaranth Diabetes Foundation

HL Marion Lutz, formerly of Oregon, and still a member of Emerald Court #28, was named as an Amaranth Diabetes Foundation Unsung Hero at Silver State’s Supreme Visitation in February. Silver State Court is located in Las Vegas and meets monthly on the 4th Saturday. Congratulations HL Marion. It is great to see your smiling face and we could not be more proud of you as you work for Diabetes Research!

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Pictured: HL Anne Beaton, Amaranth Diabetes Foundation Board of Directors Member, HL Marion Lutz, Silver State Court’s Unsung Hero and a member of Emerald Court #28, and HL Susan Patchin, Supreme Royal Matron

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