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Christina Court #8

Welcome to Oregon's Christina Court #8

Meetings: 1st Friday. Dark July and August 

Dinner: 6:00pm

Time: 7:30pm
Address: Cornerstone Lodge #157
                202 SE 84th Avenue
                Portland, OR 97216-1023

Lodge Phone: 503-254-8103

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Elected Officers

Royal Matron: HL Charlene Tucker PGRM
Royal Patron: SK Bill Moore PGRM
Associate Matron: HL Chelsea Phelps
Associated Patron: SK Mark Allen
Treasurer: HL Patti Neilsen PGRM
Secretary: HL Doreen Kundelius
Conductress: HL Jennifer Young
Associate Conductress: 
Chairman of Trustees: HL Lorhee Kottke
Trustee 2 Years: HL Wendy Bednarik
Trustee 3 Years: SK Tom Barclay


Appointed Officers

Marshal in the East: HL Susan Marshal

Marshal in the West: HL Kathy Wentz Phelps

Standard Bearer:
Prelate: SHL Wendy Bednarik 
Truth: HL Jodie Tibbets

Faith: HL Su Zahn Barclay PGRM
Wisdom: HL Pam Knaack
Charity: HL Barbara Marshall


Warder: SK Larry White

Sentinel: SK Doug Nielsen Supreme Sentinal

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