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Welcome to  Oregon Amaranth
Grand Court of Oregon 

HL Linda McIntire
Grand Royal Matron
SK Doug Nielsen
Grand Royal Patron

Get your raffle tickets to win one of these beautiful quilts!
Bee Bop Quilt supports Diabetes Research - $5/ticket
Contact our GRM Linda for tickets  
Gnome for the Holidays supports Youth Scholarships - $5/ticket
Contact our GRP Doug for tickets
Both Quilts will be drawn at Grand Court in March.

*Amaranth Diabetes Foundation, Inc., has placed 8th out of
   3,873 Research Charities in the United States, according to
   SmileHub, a charity ranking leader in the United States. 
*Oregon Amaranth raised over $35,000 for Diabetes in the  
   2022-2023 term!
*During the 2022-2023 Amaranth year, Oregon Grand Court        
   surpassed the $500,000 milestone of contributions!
*For more than 40 years, the Order of the Amaranth has 
   partnered with the American Diabetes Association to support
   diabetes research.
*Over $17 million has been raised to fund research projects
   helping advance a cure for diabetes.
*We are over 14,000 members world-wide engage in grassroots
   fundraising events  motivated and focused on making an
   impact on finding a cure for Diabetes.

Did you know?

Who we are

The Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal, social, charitable, and philanthropic organization comprised of both men and women with Masonic affiliation.
We share in social activities to promote the growth of our Order. Although a belief in the existence of a Supreme Being is foremost to being a member, we welcome many faiths represented within our membership. Our Ritual is an integral part of our Order and emphasizes the values of everyday life, founded on the sublime teachings of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity. It is by these teachings we strive for our own self-satisfaction and improvement while working with those who are in need of our help and assistance.

Our primary philanthropic endeavor is the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation, Inc. that raises funds which are provided, in the form of grants, to researchers selected by the American Diabetes Association. We are proud that 100% of the funds raised are provided for use by the ADF as the Foundation is elected from our membership and no administrative expenses are incurred. Through these donations, we hope our efforts will ultimately help in finding a cure for Diabetes. We also fund scholarships for Masonic related youth attending college.
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